Online form fill up will be started on and from 11th June  & it will continue upto 20th June at 11.55 pm. 


Prov. Merit list : 22th June’18 at 1 pm 

Final Merit List: 23rd June’18 at 1 pm  

1st  Counseling will be started  on and from 25th & 26th   of June

2nd   Counseling will be started  on and from 27th & 28th    of June

3rd   Counseling will be started  on and from 29th & 30th    of June

4th   Counseling will be started  on and from 2nd & 3rd    of July

5th  Counseling will be started  on and from 4th & 5th    of July

6th  Counseling will be started  on and from 6th & 7th    of July  



General Courses's Admission 2018 will be Started on  & from 6th July and it will continue upto 9th July 2018

    7th Counseling will be started on 8th & 9th July,2018 upto 4:00 pm

  Honours Classes will be started on & from 9th July 2018 and General Students Classes will be started from 11th July



Class Routine of Honours Courses will be given in their respective Department.


General Courses Routine will be given in the College-Notice Board 


 Visit our college website 

   Another information  to contact :

Arup Sarkar: 9614201905   / Adnan Mansoor: 7001061886  / Syed  T.Reza Rizvi: 8926252520   Amit Pal: 7908079718


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